We hope to feed up to 1000 refugees a day, but in order to do this, we need your help! 



We will be providing warm nutritional meals made from local seasonal produce sourced from the various areas we will be based in. 


Some staple foods that will be incorporated in meals include: Rice, bulgur, eggs, beans, local vegetables and fresh seasonal fruit.


We need help to cover our daily food budget - please go to the donate page and help us with our crowdfunding campaign, any amount helps! 




Supporters, we are working to figure out in which way we can continue our project in Turkey. Many problems arose with authorities. Helping refugees is a complex world to navigate as many people are making money off of the refugees and our goal is to provide donation based food, which takes money from the pockets of those feeding off of the money of the refugees.
Despite the barriers we have been faced with, we have decided to forge ahead with the project in whatever direction we can. Right now the van is in Belgrade, where many people arrive from Macedonia and Bulgaria and attempt to organize further travels through Hungary or Croatia. In Belgrade, the effects of the border politics are directly visible; several hundred people are stuck here and new groups arrive every day. Most of them are left without the possibility of accessing shelter, proper food or information. Belgrade is an important transit point for people traveling across the Balkan route. The situation in the first days wasn't easy, the weather was bad, cold and rainy, and most of the people didn't get a proper place to shelter themselves. In those days a meal of warm corba (a type of soup loved in the Middle East), or plate of bulgur helped at least to keep them warm. We are cooking around the city, in collaboration with local groups, we hope to provide a gesture of kindness, and remind them that they are people that matter.